The name Makoshika (Ma-ko'-shi-ka) comes from the Native American Lakota phrase meaning “land of bad spirits” or as we call it, “the badlands”. Extending over 11,400 acres, Makoshika rates as the largest Montana State Park. Visitors won't find such rugged expanse anywhere else! These eastern Montana badlands are made even more hospitable with the fine community of Glendive as its gate.

The city of Glendive offers Montana hospitality, featuring friendly people and a host of services including restaurants, stores, and gas stations. The neighborhood around the Riverview RV Park is mostly residential, with a church, ballpark, and a convenience store and within walking distance.

Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum is only 2-1/2 miles away at 139 State Street with the second largest display of life-sized castings of dinosaur skeletons in Montana. This museum presents an alternative perspective on origins based on biblical creation. On a visit to this museum you will see a 40-foot mosasaur, Tyrannosaurus rex, acrocanthosaurus, protostega gigas (a giant sea turtle), Thescelosaurus and much more! Here you will see convincing arguments that dinosaurs and man coexisted just a mere 4300 years ago. See displays of artwork from early civilizations that accurately depict dinosaurs. You can also sign up for week-long digs in the summer.

The Makoshika Dinosaur Museum at 111 Bell Street in Glendive is less than a mile away, where the dinosaur exhibits offer a visual exploration of the many dinosaurs that roamed about this area millions of years ago

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Known as the "Paddlefish Capitol of the World", Glendive draws over 3,000 anglers annually to fish their short stretch of the Yellowstone River. The locals can tell you more or explore the fishing possibilities at

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